Mocap Animation Test for Robot Character

We've been working hard putting together all of the pieces for Fitnexx's Fit4Class game. Here's a a mocap animation test we just finished with the character mascot we created for the game. 

Motion Capture Lab Session for Fit4Class Game Animations

Last week we spent some time down at The University of Memphis with Max Paquette in his mocap lab.  We were gathering motion data for Fitnexx's Fit4Class game, and had a great time doing it!  Tony, CEO of Fitnexx, was a natural!

Thanks so much to Max and U of M for all your help!

As for what we're doing with the data... We're finishing up the design for the character now, and will be using the data to animate various exercises.  Tony's background as a personal trainer ensures each pose will be perfectly accurate in our animation sequences. We'll be posting a few of these animations in a few weeks. 


Tennessee Film Commission Video Shoot

Last week, PopFizz and the Tennessee Film and Entertainment Commission came to Memphis and covered the stories of some businesses around town.  We are very excited that The Danse was included in this project!  The goal of this effort is to showcase Tennessee creative tech talent and how awesome it is to live and work in Tennessee, especially with other Tennesseans. 

We really had a blast with Brian and his team.  Thank you so much for putting us all at ease while on camera! 

For our video, the crew followed us downtown to Loflin Yard where we met up with other tech creatives who are also being featured in these videos. The next day, we invited the crew to join us at our offices in East Memphis to see what a typical workday is like for us.  Then we wrapped it all up with a trip to Gus's Chicken.