New Medical Illustration Looks

Vue360 Google Cardboard App

One of the projects that we've recently finished is a cool streaming 360/VR video app for Vue360. There are lots more features planned for this app, but right now you can create an account, view videos (with or without a Google Cardboard), and upload your own videos via the companion website

The app is available for iOS and Android

VR Homebuilder- Model Home in Virtual Reality

We recently completed a virtual reality tour for a beautiful home designed by Magnolia Homes. The real beauty of the project is in the fact that we were able to create the entire home in 3D using only blueprints. When we started the project, the home had never been built in the real world. Magnolia Homes wanted a way to show off their new floor plan before they were able to begin construction.


What Virtual Reality Could Do For Home Builders

As virtual reality technology moves from being pure theory from a futuristic world to being used to improve daily work and play, some fields stand to benefit in particular. Oculus Rift is a headset offering a 360 degree view of an interactive virtual world. The Virtuix Omni takes it one step forward and lets the user move body parts with what they are seeing. Microsoft HoloLens allows augmentation of images in addition to new options for viewing workspaces remotely in a variety of ways in conjunction with the forthcoming Windows 10. While it is true that this is not yet part of daily business, new ways of getting the job done and playing games are right around the corner.

Design and Home Building

One of the ways Microsoft HoloLens facilitates better working conditions is by allowing, for example, participants in an online conversation to view what the others are working on, from their perspective. They can collaborate on design and easily follow what the other means while looking at virtual blueprints for building projects together.

Technology Connected with Oculus Rift Facilitates Better Building 

Arch Virtual builds three dimensional virtual reality simulation of architectural projects, including for home building, in conjunction with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality lens.

What this implies for home building:

  • Buyers can better visualize their future homes using three dimensional simulation
  • Buyers can take virtual tours of their potential homes.
  • Investors can tour proposed housing building projects and make suggestions for improvements based on what they see.
  • Facilitates architect/buyer relationships by allowing customers to experience more realistically what they are paying for, by letting them see blueprints on terms more appropriate for non-architects.
  • Customers can create drafts for their “dream homes”, thus having the ability to have more personally “customized” homes.

The Potential for Self-Designed Homes

The market for building houses could become more lucrative and a lot more fun with the new technology. Architects can put together choices displayed visually and digitally for customers to look at and choose between. Features were always something customers could pick out, but this way it could become a lot more comprehensive and simple. Virtual reality can make things that were previously difficult to understand more accessible by providing three-dimensional models that non-architects can tour.

Communication is Facilitated

Communication between builders and planners can also be made simpler. Planners can create models, make them three-dimensional and then communicate this via 3d tours on a virtual reality lens and corresponding software. Materials and costs can also be tracked more accurately this way, with less waste. This is great news for investors, buyers and contractors alike. Resource allocation and budget planning can be made more stream-lined in the future, allowing optimized projects and planning.

The Future is 3D

As new technology like Oculus Rift become common use, more and more uses will reveal themselves. Now is the time for investors and professionals to educate themselves on the features of new products and software to put into practice for building, planning, and more.

Video Isn't just for Big Business Anymore

Youtube is more than just the place to go for interesting, funny, strange, and slightly odd videos.  Businesses are using it to promote their products and services.  Thanks to sites like YouTube, it is affordable for any size business to create its own videos.  This allows small businesses to compete on a larger scale against major corporations.

Companies use 3D animation to bring their products to life for the customer.  The videos do more to sell the product because it brings parts of the message to life that are usually static. If you look at social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you will notice that more people share links to videos and images than they do to articles.  This means that you can get your message out to more people with video than with an email or article telling about your product or service.

Viral video is another area where marketing can utilize modern technology to build their brand.  How many times have you seen a simply put together video get thousands of views and even get mentioned on national TV shows because something about it captivated people?

Video allows marketers to introduce their product in a way that people will actually use it with produce simulation.  You can show people how a product feels, looks, behaves, or works for a customer.  This will be more enticing than just using words to convey those images.

Testimonials are also more compelling in video.  You can read the satisfied customer’s words, but imagine how much more believable it is when you can actually see the customer as they tell you how happy they are with a company’s product or service.  Video testimonials will convert more people to your business than written testimonials alone.

Video can put a face to a name if you want people to get to know your company.  Many businesses will have their CEO or business owner do a video telling about the company and its products or services and what makes them better than the competition.  This message is more memorable with video than the written word.

Modern video techniques including 3D animation and product simulation can be utilized in marketing campaigns to introduce new customers to your business and your product or service.  Video is affordable for every business whether they are a major corporation or a new startup with limited funding.  This levels the playing field and gives new companies a chance without requiring a major advertising budget.