Edutainment in Corporations: Liven Things Up

Students stacking fists for cooperation and teamwork in a univer  

Edutainment is something that we are all quite familiar with, just think back to your youngest memories of childhood programing: Mr. Rogers, Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, Bill Nye the Science Guy. The list can go on, and you most likely remember them so well because at the time you liked them. Public Broadcasting Casting is known for its educational entertainment for all ages. The concept is now becoming a trend in corporate America. A simple application of edutainment is using animation or interactive graphics in Powerpoint presentations.

The Possibilities of Edutainment for Employee Training

Well-designed Powerpoints that include entertaining design elements are good for short projects or training tasks that don’t over task our attention; but once the amount information begins to rely too heavily on rote memorization, the task becomes burdensome and easily disengaged from. Learning in corporations that require longer periods of time to convey the necessary information can benefit from using different forms of interactive video and animation. Training programs can invest in a creative series of videos that are organized like the chapters of training handbooks. Animated videos don’t need to be the replacement to textual information; they can be supplemental, with the corporation choosing the most important information to include. Pairing videos with text training books decreases the amount of reading so that when the employee does read it is in-between a break by another form of media learning.

Entertaining and Educating Internet Customers About Your Company

Investing in the virtual marketplace is big business now and the website is the storefront. A nice storefront is attractive to customers who have never heard of the product and a good product keeps them inside. A good sales person and manager should know all about the company itself and be able to convey it charismatically and accurately. In the virtual store it depends upon site design and entertaining features like the degree of interactivity and presentation of the information. Anyone with a business wants it to fiscally succeed but also to be known as being a human expression. The entire story should be known to become a part of the community. Successful businesses and organizations become virtual personalities that are relatable and relatively transparent. Edutainment can factor in to developing the virtualized self of a company by engaging successfully with the customer on a personal level instead of solely as a financial exchange.