code crew

Partnership with Code Crew

We are very excited to announce that The Danse has recently entered into a new internship program partnership with Code Crew

We at CodeCrew are so pleased to have two of our students intern at The Danse this summer. These two young men are getting exposure to world-class skills they would not otherwise be able to learn as high schoolers. We love our partnership with The Danse and look forward to creatively working together in other ways as well.
— Meka Egwuekwe, Executive Director at Code Crew

Code Crew is a wonderful Memphis-based organization that teaches coding skills to K-12 students through summer programs, after school programs, and in-school electives. 

Our internship program, which started this summer, involves us taking on two high school students during summer break.  These students will get to work on virtual reality projects alongside a real software development team and attend development meetings. Our goal is to provide these students some real world work experience involving projects using bleeding edge technology.  

In the fall, we hope to share the wonderful work these kids have done with us!