Microsoft Kinect fitness game for k-12


The Game

This game is designed to help PE teachers deliver fun and engaging workouts to their students. Each workout is customizable, so teachers are able to create activities for students of any age and just about any fitness level. 

We use the Microsoft Kinect for logging in and tracking student's movements. This tracking allows us to determine intensity of students' actions, accuracy of movements during rep-type workouts, and score students based on performance. 


Logging In

Each school has it's own identifying code.  Once a school is logged in, each student can use their own personal QR code to log in. 


Obstacle Course

For this game, students can punch, duck, jump, and kick through obstacles as they run the course. There are 3 difficulties.


Trail Run

Users enter types of exercises to complete and number of reps for each exercise.  Then the user chooses the difficulty level (amount of time) for the course. 



Sometimes students may just want to focus on specific exercises.  Here they can choose just exercises and reps.  No running!


The LMS (Learning Management system)

In addition to the workout games, we have developed an LMS that allows PE teachers and other school officials to track their students' performances over the school year and create custom scheduled workouts without the need to be in the classroom.

Additionally, teachers can create new student accounts as needed.  Once a new student account is created, they simply print out the new account's QR code. The student then finishes the setup inside the classroom the first time she/he logs in.