Here you can see samples of some of our best work!

Thank you for taking the time to come check out our work! We’re a small creative powerhouse that loves to develop with the latest and greatest tools and technology. We hope you enjoy what you see here! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to send Madeline an email! You’ll want to have your sound on for the videos!


Animation and Illustration

Stylized Product Video (Foot & Ankle)


Knee Implant Animation

We work with product managers, engineers, and surgeons to develop medically accurate animations. To create this video, we worked with surgeons to accurately represent knee rotation.

Biologics Injectable Animation

We worked with 2 different teams within the organization (medical device and biologics) to develop this product pairing animation.

Eye Catching Illustrations to tell your story


Brochure Images from Cover to Cover


Interactive Projects


Bone Healing in VR

This quick overview of bone healing was developed in Unreal and designed for all major VR platforms.


Showcase Products in Augmented Reality

Medical devices are expensive. Kitting out every sales rep with physical products is almost unheard of. Now you can give your reps your full catalog in interactive digital form!


Management Training in VR

5 module course in VR that covers some tough topics managers often face. We worked with HR managers within a Fortune 500 company to develop this popular training application.


Digital Content App

All digital sales tools in the reps’ pockets. Including videos, brochures, sales sheets. Users can save products and content in their favorites and easily send content to others via the quick sharing tools.


We’re your one-stop shop

We can handle every project from storyboard to final deliverable. If you need hardware consultation for what equipment you need to showcase your beautiful new animations or you need a VR headset for all 1500 of your sales representatives, we’ve got you covered!


Custom Head Mounted Displays

Sales and training tools on the go!


Branded Augmented Reality Markers

1 cube + app can display your entire product catalog!