Cloud-Based Learning

Who Uses cloud-based learning programs?

  • More and more students (adults and children) are attending classes online developed with interactive learning software. 
  • Companies are increasing investment in cloud-based learning solutions. 
  • Over 75% of businesses use online learning programs for employee training. The employee remains engaged and attentive – let us assist you with an interactive, cloud-based learning solution today!

How Does cloud-based learning work?

  • All of the business tools are centralized to one location. 
  • Easier to manage both employees records and results. 
  • Cuts out any training redundancies. 
  • Employees can train while mobile. 
  • Large packets of information do not need to be stored on the business servers. 
  • Less physical paper means less overhead cost for the business.

How can cloud-based learning benefit you?

  • Mobile access to all of your stored information. 
  • Easier collaborations between peers and co-workers. 
  • Possibility for real-time editing of your work. 
  • Real world applicable uses of popular programs. 
  • Productivity will increase with the added tools found in the cloud. 
  • Cloud-based learning is accomplished at a pace that is comfortable for the students.

Mobile Learning

What is mobile learning?

Mobile Learning development is a form of distance education through e-learning programs. As opposed to traditional forms of education whereas the student is required to attend a class at an institution, Mobile Learning is just that, mobile. Education of this sort can be achieved throughout any number of portable hand held devices while you are on the go. 

Studies have shown that the ability to learn while mobile, especially for adults, leads to greater rates of both retention and completion of courses. The concept of Mobile Learning extends the area of a traditional classroom to that of a person's entire world. Without being tethered to one desk in one room, the student can now freely utilize the knowledge they are ascertaining via mobile learning development solutions.

What are the benefits of mobile learning?

• Access to your field of study from anywhere. 

• Ability to apply your learned knowledge directly to your field in real time. 

• Study or prepare for a test while completing other mundane daily tasks. 

• Communicate quickly and easily with the person teaching your coursework. 

• Practice your skills in a practical setting. 

• Access job training when the need arises. 

Mobile Learning is also incredibly convenient. The ability to access all of your data in one hand-held devices negates the need for carrying loads of paperwork or books. Anyone who remembers what daily life was like prior to everyone owning a computer will surely see the same benefits from a Mobile Learning system.


Metrics and Analytics

In any form of business, metrics are the tools that are used to measure or evaluate the progress or success of the company. This is not only a matter or revenues versus expenditures. For a company to successfully train its employees it is crucial to have metrics in places that evaluate the prosperity of the training itself. Without knowing which areas or divisions of the training accomplished their goals or fell short, a company is doomed to consistent losses.

With our custom tracking solutions, you will be able to create customizable reports on errors, frequent trouble spots for learners, and time to complete tasks. Just about anything you can think of is trackable in any simulation we create. 

Give us a call or send us an email to discuss how we can help you develop fully customized solutions for your training programs.


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